A Day in Greece

In a bizarre turn of events, Archit found himself aboard a ship. A gigantic ship. His instincts told him that he was in the Mediterranean sea. He could only think of one thing, and his mind seemed to be screaming: “FIND ATLANTIS.”

Unsure of what to do, he looked around, confused, and totally out of his wits. Before he could have a complete look around, the ship rocked almost in an instant, and he was pulled towards the railing. He looked amused as he fell into the water.

Archit was standing there, underwater, mysteriously being able to breathe normally, and in front of him, a mighty figure with a trident in one hand, stood none other than the earth shaker, Poseidon. He was about 20 feet tall, with nothing to cover his upper body. His lower body was made of scales that ended into tentacles. “What do you want from me, aye mortal?” He bellowed in his heavy voice, perfectly suiting his appearance.

“The location of Atlantis!” Archit screamed, equally loud.

“Atlantis sank thousands of years ago, it is lost forever.” He replied.

“I know you have hidden Atlantis all those years Poseidon, I know.”

“Then why don’t you find it yourself, foolish mortal?”

“Cause you have hidden it quite well, Lord Poseidon.”

“Haven’t I? Hah…”

“But the question is how much has Atlantis developed since then?”

“Atlantis has immeasurably developed under me, come with me, you’ll see by yourself.”

Then just as Archit began to follow the god, Poseidon turned towards him shrank to Archit’s height and began shaking his shoulders violently. “What are you doing, leave me!” Archit ordered.

But what he got in reply was, “Archit! Wake up, sleeper boy.”