The Repercussions Of Benevolence…Part – III

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The Repercussions of Benevolence…Part II

The Repercussions of Benevolence…Part-I 

Take a walk, you’ll feel better.” A silvery female voice said on the other end.

Archit tried to deny her, but all of his excuses failed. “But, why is she doing this?” He asked, desperate for an answer.

There was no reply. Archit sighed.

Since last week, Ayesha wasn’t returning any of his calls, and was keeping her distance from him, and Archit had no idea why. He hadn’t said anything, neither had he done anything to upset her. He could feel his head getting heavy as he thought more and more about her, and her recent actions which sent a negative vibe through his spine.

He could slowly feel tears falling down on his cheeks. He was angry, he was helpless, he was desolated. He hung up the phone and headed out, wanting desperately to feel better. “It hurts.” He thought “It hurts more because she didn’t even give a reason.” He wanted to cry, but he had to act strong.

“If she can ignore me, I can be strong enough to be able to deal with it.” His thoughts were firm. He was craving for Ayesha’s company, but he had to act strong, he had to act as if he did not care.

The walk did not make him feel better, but Archit was now sure of his reaction to Ayesha’s behavior. He went back home and picked up the phone.

“Did you go out for a walk?” His friend on the other end picked up the phone.


“So? What do you think?”

“Two can play that game.” Archit had a slight smirk on his lips as he told her about the walk and his thoughts. The female seemed to agree with him, and that was the green signal that Archit needed. It was decided then.


Nothing could’ve hurt Ayesha more than seeing her phone ring with Archit’s name in bold letters shining, calling her, almost forcing her to pick up. But she had to ignore them, and the calls kept coming, until one day, when they stopped and Ayesha’s phone never showed that one name, until a very very long time.

Even in school, Archit had started totally ignoring her, not even giving her a second glance.

“You wanted this!” Her thoughts would scream and she would be forced to cry, because that was true. She had wanted to get away from Archit, because she knew she could never be just friends with him, and recent events had made her believe that all that she had fantasized about him was never gonna happen. She hated him, he was ruining her life without even knowing it.

Her coping mechanisms started forming a wall around Archit. They started to make Archit appear the culprit, they blamed him for everything and it was not late before Ayesha gave in to them. She started hating Archit and held him accountable for every bad thing that had ever happened to her.

Ayesha was too overwhelmed and lost in her emotions that she did not realize that talking and explaining everything was a potential solution to her problems, it would give her a sense of reality and it would also give Archit a chance to understand and respect her perspective, and most importantly, save both of them from their troubles.

They both continued their behavior till a very long time, and as quickly as they had bonded, they drifted apart. What brought both of them together once again was a mutual friend, a female who had an unmistakable silvery voice.

It was she who united them again, and finally, Archit was able to know the Repercussions Of his Benevolence.


The Repercussions Of Benevolence… Part-I

“Oh freak! I’ve missed the bus.” Archit was furious.”That makes it 2 weeks in a row!” He’d have to walk to school again. He shook his head. “Why can’t I catch the bus? What sins have I done in my past life?” Archit’s soliloquy continued till realization of being late dawned upon him and he started walking.

Trying to cope up with his situation, he started thinking all sorts of things all through the 3 kilometer long journey.

He reached the school and stopped, breathless. He admired his run, which took just 55 minutes and 45 seconds.

“Let me guess. You missed the bus and got late and they didn’t let you in.” Mrs. Singhania was visibly angry. Archit tried not to make eye contact, apologized and went into his room. He had nothing to do all day and his thoughts wandered from being late to the school, to his best experiences in the school, to the fact that he was gonna finish school very soon. It made him sad. He would miss everything, the school greens, the auditorium, the teachers, his friends, everyone.

They had become family to him, and he promised to keep in touch with everyone, a promise he knew he couldn’t keep. Bit by bit, his thoughts strayed through every part of the school, living and non-living, till they landed on Ayesha.

Ayesha, his first love.
Ayesha, his first friend.

He had first met her during the annual function of the school, and was immediately enchanted by her simple and modest aura. He was in seventh.

With hair combed down like a 60’s hero, he was full of confidence when he approached her. Her fairy-like appearance captivated him right away. With her hair tied in a pigtail, her mesmerizing shiny eyes formed a perfect base for her tiny nose and beautiful lips that settled perfectly on her circular face.

Their bond grew almost at the speed of light and they both were well acquainted with each other very soon. They had a lot in common, and would sometimes talk late into the night. The feeling was new for Archit, he had never felt so happy, so excited. It was like a Bollywood song for him.

It confused him and he remembered deciding to seek help from his friends. After the inital ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Aaahs’, they told him to go ask her out, without giving it much thought. Archit was nervous and scared. He had never asked anyone out before, and he was quite edgy as he considered the option.

After giving it much thought, he had finally reached a conclusion, to wait for a few months or so, waiting to see if she gives some signal of any kind of inclination towards him.

It was a few weeks before his class 8th first semester examinations, after school, as Archit and Ayesha were walking towards their buses, Archit looked upon her, her face glimmering in the humid September weather. Although suddenly motivated by an invisible force to ask her out at that moment itself, he knew it wasn’t the right time, he knew he’d have to wait.

He’d have to wait, just like the readers who’ll have to wait to know what happens next.