A Day in Greece

In a bizarre turn of events, Archit found himself aboard a ship. A gigantic ship. His instincts told him that he was in the Mediterranean sea. He could only think of one thing, and his mind seemed to be screaming: “FIND ATLANTIS.”

Unsure of what to do, he looked around, confused, and totally out of his wits. Before he could have a complete look around, the ship rocked almost in an instant, and he was pulled towards the railing. He looked amused as he fell into the water.

Archit was standing there, underwater, mysteriously being able to breathe normally, and in front of him, a mighty figure with a trident in one hand, stood none other than the earth shaker, Poseidon. He was about 20 feet tall, with nothing to cover his upper body. His lower body was made of scales that ended into tentacles. “What do you want from me, aye mortal?” He bellowed in his heavy voice, perfectly suiting his appearance.

“The location of Atlantis!” Archit screamed, equally loud.

“Atlantis sank thousands of years ago, it is lost forever.” He replied.

“I know you have hidden Atlantis all those years Poseidon, I know.”

“Then why don’t you find it yourself, foolish mortal?”

“Cause you have hidden it quite well, Lord Poseidon.”

“Haven’t I? Hah…”

“But the question is how much has Atlantis developed since then?”

“Atlantis has immeasurably developed under me, come with me, you’ll see by yourself.”

Then just as Archit began to follow the god, Poseidon turned towards him shrank to Archit’s height and began shaking his shoulders violently. “What are you doing, leave me!” Archit ordered.

But what he got in reply was, “Archit! Wake up, sleeper boy.”


The Brief Affair at the Sports Complex

Archit was almost overpowered by sleep as he walked slowly to his washroom, angry at Deepak for waking him up at 5:30 am in the morning.

“I did not take a leave from school to wake up early!”

“Shut up and come quickly, the badminton courts are almost empty today. We are waiting yaar.”

Sighing, Archit had pulled himself up from the bed, gotten ready in a hurry and left for the sports complex, expecting it to be a rather dull beginning to the Thursday.

After exchanging pleasantries with his friends and getting warmed up a little, Archit began to feel much better and his body ached for the exercise. He went into action straight away.

For him, playing sports had more to do than just recreation. It was an amazing stress buster, and no matter what, it always helped him cheer up. Because of that, he would never refuse an invitation to play, be it anything. Sports gave him the much needed break, and apart from the work out, he felt much lighter and happier after a game.

After a few matches, Archit decided to take a break and sat down on the seat near the court, enjoying the game between his friends. As he looked around, he noticed that some of the courts were now taken.

Secretly looking for a familiar face, a smile danced on his lips as he recognized one of the players, Anjali.

Anjali, a regular to the complex, played badminton beautifully, and Archit had always been in awe of her game. A very fit individual, Anjali was one of the best players of Archit’s age that he had seen in action.

However, she had no clue of Archit’s existence. She was very popular among the other regulars, and by far Archit had no opportunity to let her know about him, so he had adopted to silently observing her.

Not wanting to let go of this golden chance, he decided to introduce himself to Anjali.

As it turned out, Anjali not only knew about Archit, but expressed great admiration for him. And while she talked about how she would love to play with him, Archit could only stand there and blush.

The Repercussions Of Benevolence…Part – III

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The Repercussions of Benevolence…Part II

The Repercussions of Benevolence…Part-I 

Take a walk, you’ll feel better.” A silvery female voice said on the other end.

Archit tried to deny her, but all of his excuses failed. “But, why is she doing this?” He asked, desperate for an answer.

There was no reply. Archit sighed.

Since last week, Ayesha wasn’t returning any of his calls, and was keeping her distance from him, and Archit had no idea why. He hadn’t said anything, neither had he done anything to upset her. He could feel his head getting heavy as he thought more and more about her, and her recent actions which sent a negative vibe through his spine.

He could slowly feel tears falling down on his cheeks. He was angry, he was helpless, he was desolated. He hung up the phone and headed out, wanting desperately to feel better. “It hurts.” He thought “It hurts more because she didn’t even give a reason.” He wanted to cry, but he had to act strong.

“If she can ignore me, I can be strong enough to be able to deal with it.” His thoughts were firm. He was craving for Ayesha’s company, but he had to act strong, he had to act as if he did not care.

The walk did not make him feel better, but Archit was now sure of his reaction to Ayesha’s behavior. He went back home and picked up the phone.

“Did you go out for a walk?” His friend on the other end picked up the phone.


“So? What do you think?”

“Two can play that game.” Archit had a slight smirk on his lips as he told her about the walk and his thoughts. The female seemed to agree with him, and that was the green signal that Archit needed. It was decided then.


Nothing could’ve hurt Ayesha more than seeing her phone ring with Archit’s name in bold letters shining, calling her, almost forcing her to pick up. But she had to ignore them, and the calls kept coming, until one day, when they stopped and Ayesha’s phone never showed that one name, until a very very long time.

Even in school, Archit had started totally ignoring her, not even giving her a second glance.

“You wanted this!” Her thoughts would scream and she would be forced to cry, because that was true. She had wanted to get away from Archit, because she knew she could never be just friends with him, and recent events had made her believe that all that she had fantasized about him was never gonna happen. She hated him, he was ruining her life without even knowing it.

Her coping mechanisms started forming a wall around Archit. They started to make Archit appear the culprit, they blamed him for everything and it was not late before Ayesha gave in to them. She started hating Archit and held him accountable for every bad thing that had ever happened to her.

Ayesha was too overwhelmed and lost in her emotions that she did not realize that talking and explaining everything was a potential solution to her problems, it would give her a sense of reality and it would also give Archit a chance to understand and respect her perspective, and most importantly, save both of them from their troubles.

They both continued their behavior till a very long time, and as quickly as they had bonded, they drifted apart. What brought both of them together once again was a mutual friend, a female who had an unmistakable silvery voice.

It was she who united them again, and finally, Archit was able to know the Repercussions Of his Benevolence.

The Repercussions Of Benevolence…Part-II

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The Repercussions of Benevolence…Part I

Ayesha woke up with a start,immediately picking up her thunderously vibrating phone,which she had habitually kept beside her pillow and found her head aching as she switched off the alarm. Her mobile showed 6:00 am, 20th November 2010.

She cursed her way to the washroom, with her eyes still craving sleep and her mind irritated by the early hour’s call that she didn’t notice the uncanny silence settled over the house. It was when she came out with her toothbrush in her mouth,paste oozing out, that it dawned upon her. “Where is..? Oh My God! Today’s Saturday!” She controlled her urge to swear as she hurriedly finished brushing her teeth and went back to her room and lay on the bed,frustrated by her lack of focus.

Her small room had pale green walls decorated with photographs of her with her family and friends, from a diaper baby to a lipstick wearing wench. She was always amused by the the changes she had in her physical appearance, yet remaining the same old Ayesha.

It was early morning, Ayesha was having a headache,she was frustrated and angry with herself. What else could she do, besides calling Archit. “He’s my best friend, he’ll understand” Ayesha thought as she picked up her phone to dial his number. She had almost given up hope after trying two times when suddenly a husky voice answered on the other end “Hello?” Archit’s tone was obviously tired.

“What’s up?” Ayesha knew she had woken him up way too early, she had to cheer him up.

“Just the usual, you know. Planning to kill the person that woke me up so early on a Saturday. What time is it anyway?” If he was joking, his voice didn’t show it.

After waking him up fully and apologizing for ruining a perfect Saturday morning, Ayesha talked about every random thing in the world, and Archit liked it. He liked talking to her, regardless of the topic, or time, or day.

The guilty feeling of destroying Archit’s sleep was gradually dwindling as Ayesha began to notice his participation in the conversation making more sense. She was happy to have such a person in her life who she could totally rely on, and who would be there for her anytime and everytime, literally.

Only he could soothe her and calm her when she was irritated. She turned to him when she was agitated. She wanted to be near him when she was hurt. He had that effect on her, she could only imagine their bond growing stronger as the days progressed, but she was wrong.

It happened on a normal school day, she was sitting in the class, eating her lunch during the recess. The classroom, which would usually be filled at this time, was almost empty save some random kids sitting and gossiping. She looked outside and saw Archit.

For a split second she was just staring at him, but as her eyes took in the surroundings, she could see that he was helping someone who had fallen get up. An instant smile appeared on her face, but could not be found a few seconds later.

That scene had brought an insight with it. Her body was confused, her mind muddled. She had viewed the scene through a totally different perspective, and hated her mind for that, but she could not disregard the thought that had come to her, especially because it had shaken the roots of her thinking process.

“It is true.” She whispered to herself as she slept that night, that disturbing thought still on her mind.