An Unconventional Approach to a Traditional Concept

Archit felt the pleasant air weighing him down as he walked around, circling the terrace.

It was half past midnight,he couldn’t sleep.

After trying for an hour to find as little as an ounce of sleep, he decided to get some fresh air. It was difficult to get to the terrace without waking up his parents, but he made it, credit goes to his ninja skills.

That movie had got him thinking, and his philosophical mind would not let his thoughts wander away. He had to get his ideas clear, only then would he be allowed the heavenly pleasure of sleep. The amazing movie had the typical backceiling (read Background) found in most movies of the 21st Century – “Good Vs. Evil”

The movie planted a seed in his mind, a seed that unsettled him greatly. His mind furiously diverted its thinking to analyse the definition of ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’. Various theories came to his mind, but none of them satisfied him. Was Evil just the absence of Good, or was Evil a consequence of brainless frustration and anger that swayed people from their paths?

Was Evil only about psychotic urges, or was it more complex?

Was Evil as shallow as lack of mercy, sympathy and empathy, or did it have a deeper meaning?

Good and Evil have different meanings for everyone, and it may be hard to believe but those meanings define our way of living. Do we not attempt to achieve the ideal, ‘good’ self we believe in?

All our lives we try to attain that state of perfect ‘good’, and that state is different for everybody. We all have different goods and evils, and the expression of good as beneficial to the society and evil as harmful to the society us merely a general adaptation of these concepts, an adaptation that makes us believe in miracles, and believing in miracles is good, it gives us hope.

Find out what you consider exemplary in your life, and work towards attaining it, because that is what will give you the maximum satisfaction. And satisfaction, my friend, is what we all thrive for.


His destiny, Her choices… Part-II

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His Destiny, Her Choices… Part I

After the phone call, Archit knew his slight chance with Jasleen was gone.

He had come so close, yet he had made a mistake somewhere. Was it when he went on long walks with her? Was it when he listened to her seemingly endless problems and comforted her? Or was it when he supported every decision she made? Archit could never know.

He went for a walk outside, only to find himself clouded with thoughts of that phone call. Jasleen had asked him to meet her at the ice cream shop near their society, because she wanted him to meet someone.

Archit was shattered, broken. He chose not to think about anything or anyone related with Jasleen for the moment, trying to clear his thoughts and then take pity on himself and his bad luck, if not anything else. His mind now clear, he sat on a bench to solve his dilemma.

He could sense his coping mechanisms working to help him endure this state of utter helplessness. His hope was revived, and he decided to go meet that someone.

“Hi Archit!” Jasleen was standing outside the shop with a boy that most people would call handsome. He had short soft hair that were carefully combed to perfect tapering ends. One look at his body would assure that he was well built. His perfect skin tone was complimented by long narrow eyes positioned above his long nose. Archit instantly hated him. He could understand why Jasleen must have liked him. He was just perfect, ideal boyfriend material. He was Archit’s exact opposite.

“Hello!” Archit greeted both of them, warily eyeing the malevolent stranger.

“This is Jay. Jay, this is Archit.” Jasleen went on talking, exhilarated, but Archit did not pay attention to her words. They seemed distant, like they were far away, yet so near, almost within his grasp. Almost.

He felt sadness gripping him, sadness that he had not experienced in a long time. But it was not the time to show that, he realized. He had to act strong. He had to be strong.

Archit refused to believe he could be that naive.

A quarter of an hour later, when Archit finally broke off from his chain of thoughts and decided to listen to Jalseen, he registered the fact that Jay was actually her cousin.

“No one really believes it, but I think I should let you know that he’s my cousin!”

He did not remember anything after that clearly, except the immense relief he had experienced, he was overjoyed. In his joy he made a decision, a decision to let Jasleen know, let her know that she was the best thing that had happened to him in a long time, let her know that he desired to be more than just friends, and let her know that she is to him as Adamantium is to Wolverine, as Mjollnir is to Thor, and as J.A.R.V.I.S is to Tony Stark .

After reaching home, Archit called Jasleen, and asked her to meet him outside her flat at sharp 6 in the morning. He did not forget to ask her to come alone. Jasleen’s thoughts were the last that came to his mind before he fell asleep that day.

Full of excitement, and a little nervous, Archit walked out in the morning to meet Jasleen. She was there, waiting for him just outside her flat. Archit asked her to follow him as he walked up stairs to reach the roof. It was bare, with pipelines running around in a haphazard maze-like formation.

They were just in time.

“Hurry!” Archit requested Jasleen, who was almost there, panting as she climbed the stairs.

“What are we gonna do at the roof, Archit?”

“It’s a little surprise for you, come on up, fast.”

Archit could feel her getting curious as she finally reached the roof. The view from the roof was amazing. They could see a belt of trees to the south and west, whereas the North side was marked by rows of buildings and roads. But what got their attention was the view to the east. There was a line of trees standing along a road, which seemed to touch the horizon. And at that moment, from beneath the horizon came the brilliantly shining, everlasting sun.

Jasleen immediately understood why Archit had got her up so early and bought her here. She was instantly spellbound by the beauty of the rising sun. She felt grateful, grateful of having Archit with her, the kind, helpful, perfect Archit, who was and would forever be there for her anytime she needed him.

“It’s just like you, isn’t it? The rising sun. Beautiful.” Archit was beginning to let his feelings escape his thoughts. ” You know, Jasleen, since I met you, I’ve changed, and I know I’ve changed for good, and you’re the one who has changed me. You are responsible for bringing out the good in me, for making me better. I can’t express how I feel right now, but it is the best feeling in the world, to be here with you. I like you, Jasleen, and I wish to be more than just friends. I want to take our friendship to the next level.”

Jasleen was surprised. She did not expect this at all. She did not know how to reply to Archit. He was sweet, caring, just perfect. She could be totally open with him, and she could be totally crazy with him. Yet, she did not want to take a step further. Their friendship was at a point where her decision would shape the entire future of it. She could not help it, she did not feel the same way. She did not want to do what she did next, but for Archit’s sake she had to do it. Or else he would keep thinking of her, she would be a distraction for him. She had to do it.

She slapped Archit really hard and walked away as stiffly as she could, hiding her tears.

Surprisingly, Archit did not feel sad. Instead, he felt light, he felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from his head, and he felt enlightened. He now clearly understood his mistake. He had failed to think about the difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship, and had paid the price. But he was not downhearted by Jasleen’s reaction, she could not be blamed. He was glad she had come into his life, if only to serve her purpose as a lesson.

A lesson well learned by Archit Singhania.

His destiny, Her choices… Part-I

*Hello there, imaginary readers. I come forward to tell you about the story of Archit through my blog. Unlike commonly found, ideal protagonists, Archit couldn’t be categorized as charming, you know, like the quintessential masculine bloke every other girl swoons over. He was a normal person with about average looks, a scrawny physique. A middle class guy with a normal life.*

Archit looked up from his phone. It was time, he thought.

With wavy hair that spilled outwards, Archit had a perfectly triangular face with a serious acne problem. His eyes had the darkest shade of brown, with a hint of a genuine spark. A flat nose resting above his dry lips, and prominent cheek bones marked his long face. He was fond of reading, and his happy-go-lucky and joyful demeanor always kept him optimistic.

He put his phone down, took a deep breath, and looked at his skinny body, thinking. It was just perfect, how she had come in his life, just at the right time. He recalled how instantly he felt attracted towards her, as if she was meant for him, just him.

It had been over a month ago. It was a cold, dry January day. Archit was just walking alongside the park beside his house, kicking stones and checking his phone every now and then. He was waiting for Deepak, his best friend, when it happened.

A basketball approached him, silently stopping at his legs, as if seeking sanctuary from the cold. He looked around, and found a girl materializing from the direction the ball had come from. As her features became more and more clear, Archit couldn’t stop himself from admiring and absorbing every speck of her impeccable beauty. He was instantly mesmerized.

She was about 5’7″, the same height as Archit, with an extraordinarily beautiful face. Her eyes, uncommonly green, complimenting her perfect white complexion, suggested an overseas connection. But with the way the daylight illuminated her small face and straight hair, which she had carelessly tied in a bun, the girl looked almost Indian.

Having reached him, oblivious to his spellbound state, she asked for her ball. Archit suddenly jumped back to life and quickly scooped up the ball to hand it over to her.

“Thank you.” She stood there for a moment, smiling.

“It’s my pleasure.” Archit struggled to reply.

He could only watch as she turned and walked away from him, dribbling the ball as she finally disappeared from his sight.

From unintentional bumping into each other to deliberate approaching, it took only a month for Archit to become a close friend of Jasleen, someone she could now count on.

She had been born in Ludhiana, but brought up in Germany. Soon after they started playing basketball together, they knew each other very well. They could often been seen walking together, talking about each other’s lives. From watching movies together to repeating their favourite dialogues, from clicking selfies together, to blackmailing each other by embarrassing pictures, from erupting each other with silly problems to playing the clichéd ‘Bestfriend nahi hai?’ line time and again, from sharing the last piece of pizza to quickly gulping down the last sip of coke, their bond was now unbreakable, and commendable.

Archit thought it was time, to let her know about his true feelings for her.

He had never been so wrong.