The Supermarket Conundrum

As Archit trailed along the road, wearing his favourite but worn out shoes, he could feel the pain in his feet. He had been walking for a long time, and the condition of his shoes wasn’t helping much.

Wishing that he would have chosen better shoes, he continued his seemingly never ending journey to the store.

At a distance of 3 kilometres from his home, the nearest general store was always crowded, and Archit almost gave up the thought of getting the things his mom required as he stood in the queue at the check out counter. Sighing, he tried to be patient. After a while, he was finally done and just as he left the store, struggling with his bags, looking around, suddenly, his dark orbs glittered, and a smile could be seen dancing on his lips.

“Avantika!” He exclaimed. Almost scaring his friend, he walked up to her, trying to keep his belongings in his control. “How have you been?” He put his possessions down, hoping that she would have at least some time to talk.

He was glad when she told him that she was getting bored waiting for her father to pick her up. “He’ll probably take another half an hour.” She frowned.

Almost instantaneously they both were immersed into a healthy conversation, and were letting their thoughts out. Archit had been contemplating about various things (read overthinking), and was eager to talk and speculate about his musings with Avantika.

Is it ever possible to attain satisfaction in life? Satisfaction is a thing rarely achieved by humans. Maslow may have given his hierarchy of needs and explain the concept of self actualization and satisfaction, but the truth remained. Only a handful of people are, in actual, satisfied.

Archit idolized satisfaction. He wanted himself to be content, to be pleased with whatever was available to him. He knew it wasn’t easy to be satisfied in life, but this made him more and more inclined to prove his will. For him, satisfaction meant a happy, constant life.

Satisfaction, he did not realize, would lead him to be less ambitious, and what would the world be, if not for ambition? It is ambition which leads to great things in life, and if there is no motivation for reaching anything higher, or out of reach, the world would be static.

Dynamic attitude is inversely related to satisfaction, for a satisfied being would never be spirited to achieve greater things, he would never have the incentives for reaching out to anything, he would be…captured.

True, over ambition would lead to negative consequences, but no one who hadn’t dared to dream finally reached their goals in life. No one who hadn’t stretched out to get the wings that they wanted had achieved things they desired.

Being stable, satisfied or being inconstant, dynamic. Which one’s better? What would you choose between these two?


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