9 Things To Do If You’re Friendzoned…

Confused about what to do if you’re friendzoned? Take some advice from Archit. Here’s what you should do:

9. Watch The Big Bang Theory’s ‘The Good Guy Fluctuation’ (Season 5 Episode 7) and relate with Leonard’s dilemma of being either a good guy or a bad guy.
“The problem is, I wanna be that kind of guy.”

8. Listen to your friends’ problems, and you get to know what not to do in a relationship.
“I know how to make a relationship work, it’s not long before girls start drooling over me.”

7. Watch all the Bollywood romance movies, and give yourself hope. Because hope, is the best.
“If Sushant Singh Rajput can get Parineeti Chopra, I can surely get a girl I like.”

6. Keep calm, because singers don’t write a bad song about their friends (generally).
“Yay! Taylor doesn’t want to burn her best friend’s picks, Adele doesn’t want to rain fire upon her buddy. I’m safe from lyrical destruction!”

5.Try imagining the joy you’ll have at all your friends’ marriages in the future, especially if you’re Indian.
“Bhai, the food is so great here. A good Biryani can make you forget everything.”

4. Save the world, because apparently, that gets the attention of girls.
“It is tough trying to be spiderman, but it still is easier than getting a girl.”

3. Evaluate the benefits you have of being in the friendzone, like being able to spend time with her without much of a burden and talking to girls more easily.
“At least her dad doesn’t want to kill me.”

2. Worship Ronald Weasley. He’s your idol, your god. He made it out of friendzone, ALIVE.
You won’t get Emma Watson, but then god is god for a reason.
“Please, God. Show me the way, enlighten me, I’ll take extra classes too.”

1. Well, Start writing a blog about it. 😉


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