His destiny, Her choices… Part-I

*Hello there, imaginary readers. I come forward to tell you about the story of Archit through my blog. Unlike commonly found, ideal protagonists, Archit couldn’t be categorized as charming, you know, like the quintessential masculine bloke every other girl swoons over. He was a normal person with about average looks, a scrawny physique. A middle class guy with a normal life.*

Archit looked up from his phone. It was time, he thought.

With wavy hair that spilled outwards, Archit had a perfectly triangular face with a serious acne problem. His eyes had the darkest shade of brown, with a hint of a genuine spark. A flat nose resting above his dry lips, and prominent cheek bones marked his long face. He was fond of reading, and his happy-go-lucky and joyful demeanor always kept him optimistic.

He put his phone down, took a deep breath, and looked at his skinny body, thinking. It was just perfect, how she had come in his life, just at the right time. He recalled how instantly he felt attracted towards her, as if she was meant for him, just him.

It had been over a month ago. It was a cold, dry January day. Archit was just walking alongside the park beside his house, kicking stones and checking his phone every now and then. He was waiting for Deepak, his best friend, when it happened.

A basketball approached him, silently stopping at his legs, as if seeking sanctuary from the cold. He looked around, and found a girl materializing from the direction the ball had come from. As her features became more and more clear, Archit couldn’t stop himself from admiring and absorbing every speck of her impeccable beauty. He was instantly mesmerized.

She was about 5’7″, the same height as Archit, with an extraordinarily beautiful face. Her eyes, uncommonly green, complimenting her perfect white complexion, suggested an overseas connection. But with the way the daylight illuminated her small face and straight hair, which she had carelessly tied in a bun, the girl looked almost Indian.

Having reached him, oblivious to his spellbound state, she asked for her ball. Archit suddenly jumped back to life and quickly scooped up the ball to hand it over to her.

“Thank you.” She stood there for a moment, smiling.

“It’s my pleasure.” Archit struggled to reply.

He could only watch as she turned and walked away from him, dribbling the ball as she finally disappeared from his sight.

From unintentional bumping into each other to deliberate approaching, it took only a month for Archit to become a close friend of Jasleen, someone she could now count on.

She had been born in Ludhiana, but brought up in Germany. Soon after they started playing basketball together, they knew each other very well. They could often been seen walking together, talking about each other’s lives. From watching movies together to repeating their favourite dialogues, from clicking selfies together, to blackmailing each other by embarrassing pictures, from erupting each other with silly problems to playing the clichéd ‘Bestfriend nahi hai?’ line time and again, from sharing the last piece of pizza to quickly gulping down the last sip of coke, their bond was now unbreakable, and commendable.

Archit thought it was time, to let her know about his true feelings for her.

He had never been so wrong.